Novels and storiesin "the drawer"

Hell and Its Suburbs--the second novel (after Riding a Tiger) in what I hope will be my Beijing Trilogy. This one finds a foreign expert and his Chinese friends trying to rescue a Chinese engineer who has  been wrongly accused of spying and tossed into the Gulag. The friends have no idea what they're in for. Ready for reading.

The Shadows--the third novel in the Beijing Trilogy.  A "forgetting disease" strikes the city and large sections of the city come under quarantine. Suspicions arise that the cause is man made. In progress.

The Light--a secret American "listening post" in Hong Kong is suddenly decimated and its key translator disappears, apparently kidnapped. The hunt is on. In progress.

China Nights--three long stories with Chinese themes:

1) "Faith" takes place at the time of the Tian An Men crackdown in 1989. A foreign expert wants to send his Chinese lover to safety. Buck Lord can help. But Buck is reckless about other peoples' lives.

2) "The Loyal Wife" finds a Chinese mother and her daughters trying to save themselves during occupation by the Japanese Army prior to World War II. First published in Manoa.

3) "The Legend of the White Snake Goddess: Post-modern Version" finds a New York scholar entranced by a pair of Chinese women who seem capable of wrecking his carefully assembled psychological armor.

By the Deep, Briny Sea--several stories about contemporary life along the northeast Atlantic coast, including the novelette "Fishing the Husiwatamee" in which seven top chefs go in search of the fabled blue trout; and "A Midsummer Night's Feast" wherein mayhem follows a sensational dinner put together by legendary chef, Solarz, on his day off.


Funny Money, or Scumbag Billionaires--a musical, a farce, and yes, very partisan. Readily adaptable to stage performance. A right wing radio talk show host attempts to rape a hotel chamber maid and marshals all his resources when she screws up her courage to bring charges.

Freedom Dues--a comedy based on my novel of the same name. A young Boston printer becomes embroiled in the American Revolution by bits and pieces, led on by his Quaker wife, his apprentice, and his cagey slave, Gwanga. Sam Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and others are shown with their pants down.

War Wounds--a quartet of Viet Nam veterans (one a woman) go up against the bureaucracy in an attempt to develop a military cemeteryin their northwest corner of Massachusetts. Along the way they tell their stories. Another vet who has withdrawn from normal life decides to help their cause but only complicates affairs. This screenplay is also readily adaptable to stage presentation.

Volley--a comedy. America is going mad, destroying electronic appliances and gadgets in frustration at not being able to use them properly. A group of college volleyball players tries to solve the problem and their detective work takes them into the psychological warfare lair of the Chinese government. Captured, their only way out is to win a volleyball match against top ranked Chinese players.

Ghost Traps--based on the title story of the Flannery O'Connor Award winning book. A desperate realtor, given an offer he can't refuse by his bosses, attempts to take over a small New England fishing village. His goal: to turn it into an upscale tourist destination. His problem: a few murders might be necessary because some of the locals seem to like things the way they are. This screenplay was a semi-finalist in a New Hampshire film festival and is currently a finalist at the Woods Hole Film Festival.