Books Published


Skin and Bones--my first, Colorado State Review Press, 1979. Stories of growing up in rural northern Ohio. Rare. The stories are reprinted in Full-tilt Boogie.

Full-tilt Boogie--Lynx House Press, 1989. Stories of post-war America, the Age of Anxiety, and the Viet Nam generation.

Freedom Dues, Or, A Gentleman's Progress in the New World--Dial Press, 1980. A comic historical novel in which a pretentious Boston printer is brought into the American Revolution by his Quaker wife, his apprentice, and his slave, Gwanga. Many of our Floundering Fathers also make appearances.

The Progress of a Fire--Simon and Schuster, 1985. A Chinese American painter takes in a Viet Nam veteran suffering from PTSD. The painter also rescues a teen-age girl running away from an abusive family. A small town goes to war with itself. Movie producers expressed interest.

Riding a Tiger--Asia 2000, Hong Kong, 1998. An American Foreign Expert in Beijing in the late 1980s uses his Chinese friends to create an underground financial empire that gets them all in serious trouble when one of the team is found murdered. The expert is forced to write a "self-criticism" that is the novel. Once optioned for a film. Humorous with a tragic twist. This is now the first in a trilogy of Beijing novels.

To Purchase these Books:

Most of these books can be purchased from online booksellers as they are "used." But I have hardbound copies of Ghost Traps (1991 version) for $15; and a paperback version of Riding a Tiger for $12. Please contact me at, or 27 Stockwell Rd., Hadley, MA 01035.

Ghost Traps--U. Georgia Press, 1991. A Flannery O'ConnorShort Fiction Award Winner in 1989. The lead story, "Appetizer" has been much anthologized. The stories concern people in trouble usually not of their own making. Ghost Traps are fishing traps that break free from their moorings and wander about catching fish or lobsters at random for no purpose. The stories are available in a paperback reprint and as an e book.