Fiction, Freelance and Screenplays--stories!

Stories are my business--short stories, novels, and recently, screenplays.  I started on this path in fourth grade when, very disturbed by the ending of the Rumplestiltskin tale, I decided to rewrite that fable to suit my own pre-teen ideas of justice. In 1970, at age 32, after a peripatetic teaching career, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and won a Fellowship in the University of Massachusetts MFA in Creative Writing program. I've been writing ever since.

U. Georgia Press recently reprinted my "Ghost Traps" collection of stories. This was a 1989 winner of the Flannery O' Connor Short Fiction Award.  Published in 1991, it is again available as both a paperback and e book.

My screenplay based on the title story is a finalist in the Woods Hole Film Festival competition--final word August 2.

I've published three novels and three collections of short stories. I've published stories in numerous literary magazines and dozens of freelance articles. A list of publications is available on request. At my age I'm not looking for a teaching job, but will send along a resume to anyone interested.

Please see the next page for what I've got in the drawer, hoping to publish, and what I'm working on now. Screenplays are listed in the "seeking publication" section.

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